IoCAT 2017 Program

1st International Workshop on the Internet of Cooperative Autonomous Things (IoCAT), November 8, 2017

Workshop Co-Chairs: Prof. Seng Loke, Prof. Michael Sheng, Prof. Arkady Zaslavsky
Venue: Storey Hall (RMIT, Building 16, Level 7, Room 007 – Room 016.07.007)
Workshop URL:
Time: 1.45pm to 6pm


1.45pm: Workshop Opening and Arrival

2pm to 3pm: Invited Speaker 1
Speaker: Professor Hai L. Vu
Title: The Age of Information (AoI) in a multihop network
(joint work with Jori Selen, Yoni Nazarathy and Lachlan Andrew)

Abstract: We study a gossip based multihop communication networks in which each node is simultaneously a sensor, a relay and a user of information. We model the status of ages of information between nodes where the gossip transmission policy is a decision made at each node regarding what information to relay at any given time. An explicit formulation for the age of information could be obtained in a non-trivial example using the proposed model follows by a discussion of an asymptotic approximation for a more generic network.

Bio: Hai L. Vu (S’97–M’98-SM’06) received the B.Sc./M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary, in 1994 and 1999, respectively. After five years at the University of Melbourne, and eleven years at Swinburne University of Technology, he joined the Engineering Faculty, Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) in 2016 where he currently is Professor in Intelligent Transport Systems. He is a recipient of the 2012 prestigious research award (the Australian Research Council Future Fellowship) and has authored or coauthored over 150 scientific journals and conference papers. His research interests include modelling, performance analysis and design of complex networks, stochastic optimization and control with applications to connected autonomous vehicles and intelligent transport.

3pm to 3.30pm: Paper Presentation

Object Localization for Determining Customer’s Behavior: Auto-ID Based Approach
Benes, Filip <[email protected]>
*Stasa, Pavel <[email protected]>
Svub, Jiri <[email protected]>
Unucka, Jakub <[email protected]>
Rhee, Jongtae <[email protected]>
Vojtech, Lukas <[email protected]>

3.30 pm to 4pm: Coffee Break

4pm to 5pm: Invited Speaker 2

Speaker: Professor Dian Tjondronegoro
Title: Personalised Health: Quantifying Wellness using Connected Sensors

Abstract: In a world where all things are connected (i.e. the Internet of Things), the interplay of mobile and cloud computing enables innovative services that leverage multi-modal data analytics and machine-learning to analyse person-centric data and personalise the service delivery. Mobile, wearable and ambient technologies have become ubiquitous and personal as they are always-on and readily accessible everywhere to non-invasively sense personal data using multi-modal signals, including facial expressions, physical activity, sleep, ECG (heart rate), EEG (electrical activity in brain) and the relevant contexts, such as weather and air quality. At the heart of the system, interconnected cloud services will support the integration of hard- (device based) and soft- (software based) signals to computationally predict a person’s wellness states 24/7 to assist in personalising health and wellness promotion programs.

Bio: Dian Tjondronegoro received a Ph.D. in computer science (multimedia analysis) from Deakin University, Australia in 2005. He is currently a Full Professor and the IT Discipline Leader in School of Business and Tourism, Southern Cross University. His research interests include affective computing, digital health, video analysis, and machine learning. He has published 130 peer-reviewed papers in journals and conference proceedings. He is an associate editor in IEEE Access, Senior Member of IEEE, Member of ACM and ACS. He has supervised 15 PhD students as principal supervisors. He received Bachelor of IT with first class honours (information systems major) from QUT, Australia in 2002

5pm to 5.30pm: Paper Presentation

Variable Length Sliding Window-based Network Coding Algorithm in MANETs
*Sun, Baolin <[email protected]>
Gui, Chao <[email protected]>
Song, Ying <[email protected]>
Xiao, Kun <[email protected]>
Chen, Hua <[email protected]>

5.30pm to 5.45pm: Short Paper Presentation

Service-Mediated On-Road Situation-Awareness for Group Activity Safety
*Abkenar, Amin <[email protected]>
Loke, Seng, W. <[email protected]>
Zaslavasky, Arkady <[email protected]>
Zheng, James, Xi <[email protected]>

5.45pm to 6pm: Paper Presentation – Online via Video and Skype

A Mobile Crowdsensing Framework for Integrating Smartphone and IoT Devices to Cloud Computing Services
*Wibisono, Waskitho <[email protected]>
Nuryanto, M Divi, Jaya <[email protected]>
Ijtihadie, Royyana, Muslim <[email protected]>
Ahmad, Tohari <[email protected]>
Anggoro, Radityo <[email protected]>