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9th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services

December 12–14, 2012 | Beijing, People's Republic of China


251047 HealthyLife: an Activity Recognition System with Smartphone using Logic-Based Stream Reasoning

251057 Fine-Grained Transportation Mode Recognition Using Mobile Phones and Foot Force Sensors

251073 Recognizing a Mobile Phone's Storing Position as a Context of a Device and a User

Location & localization

250998 Locus: An indoor localization, tracking and navigation system for multi-story buildings using heuristics derived from Wi-Fi signal strength

251064 Where am I? Using Mobile Sensor Data to Predict a User’s Semantic Place with a Random Forest Algorithm

251048 MES: a System for Location-Aware Smart Messaging in Emergency Situations

Mobile Sensing (1)

251074 Smartphone sensor reliability for augmented reality applications

251070 Trust Evaluation for Participatory Sensing

251058 Towards in-network aggregation for people-centric sensing

Mobile Sensing (2)

251068 A Collaborative Framework of Enabling Device Participation in Mobile Cloud Computing

251075 Differential Private Trajectory Obfuscation

251081 Traffic Density Estimation Protocol using Vehicular Networks


251085 CooS: coordination support for mobile collaborative applications

251069 Mobile-to-Mobile Video Recommendation

251071 Spitty Bifs are Spiffy Bits: Interest-based context dissemination using spatiotemporal bloom filters

Privacy & trustworthy

251065 Privacy Preserving Social Mobile Applications

251059 A Trust Framework for Social Participatory Sensing Systems

251052 Efficient Position Sharing for Location Privacy using Binary Space Partitioning


251062 DualCodes: Backward Compatible Multi-Layer 2D-Barcodes

251050 Honeybee: A Programming Framework for Mobile Crowd Computing

Quality of service

251066 Adapting the obtrusiveness of service interactions in dynamically discovered environments

251063 Design and Evaluation of a Publish/Subscribe Framework for Ubiquitous Systems

251002 GroupMe: Supporting Group Formation with Mobile Sensing and Social Graph Mining