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9th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services

December 12–14, 2012 | Beijing, People's Republic of China

Program Committee Members

    Aaron Quigley [email protected] University College Dublin  
    Alois Ferscha [email protected] University of Linz  
    Andrea Tomatis [email protected] Hitachi Europe - ERD  
    Andrzej Duda [email protected] Grenoble INP  
    Branislav Kusy [email protected] CSIRO, Australia  
    Chris Gniady [email protected] University of Arizona  
    Christian Becker [email protected] University of Mannheim  
    Danny Soroker [email protected] IBM T.J. Watson Research Center  
    Erik Wilde [email protected] EMC  
    Fahim Kawsar [email protected] Bell Labs  
    Guo Deke [email protected] National University of Defence Technology, China  
    Haibo Zeng [email protected] McGill University  
    Hao Yang [email protected] Nokia Research  
    Hedda Schmidtke [email protected] Carnegie Mellon University  
    Henry Holtzman [email protected] MIT Media Laboratory  
    Iacopo Carreras [email protected] CREATE-NET  
    Iqbal Mohomed [email protected] IBM Research  
    Jiannong Cao [email protected] Hong Kong Polytechnic University  
    Jussi Kangasharju [email protected] University of Helsinki  
    Kary Främling [email protected] School of Science, Aalto University  
    Lei Rao [email protected] General Motors Research Labs, US  
    Liming Chen [email protected] University of Ulster  
    Marcus Handte [email protected] University of Duisburg-Essen  
    Matthias Kranz [email protected] Technische Universit?t M?nchen  
    Michael Beigl [email protected] Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, TECO  
    Michel Diaz [email protected] LAAS-CNRS  
    Mo Li [email protected] Nanyang Technological University  
    Neal Lathia [email protected] University of Cambridge  
    Oscar Mayora [email protected] Create-Net  
    Pasquale Donadio [email protected] Alcatel-Lucent Italia SpA  
    Patrick Stuedi [email protected] IBM research Zurich  
    Prof. Min Chen [email protected] Seoul National University  
    Prof. Roy H Campbell [email protected] University of Illinois at Urbana-  
    Rasmus Ulslev Pedersen [email protected] Copenhagen Business School  
    Silvia Santini [email protected] Technische Universität Darmstadt  
    Stephan Karpischek [email protected] ETH Zürich  
    Stephan Sigg [email protected] National Institute of Informatics  
    Tomás Sánchez López [email protected] EADS UK Innovation Works, UK  
    Wan Du [email protected] Nanyang Technological University  
    Yajuan Luo [email protected] orange labs.beijing  
    Yanmin Zhu [email protected] Shanghai Jiao Tong University  
    Yu Gu [email protected] Singapore University of Design and Technology  
    Yunhuai Liu [email protected] TRIMPS  
    Zhenjiang Li [email protected] Nanyang Technological University  
    Zhenning Shi [email protected] Orange Labs Beijing  
    Zhiwen Yu [email protected] Northwestern Polytechnical University