Accepted papers

RoomE and WatchBLoc: a BLE and smartwatch IMU algorithm and dataset for room-level localisation in privacy-preserving environments
Privacy Protection against Shoulder Surfing in Mobile Environment
Mobile Networks’ Analysis in Terms of QoS Performance Assessment
Relationships between QoS/QoE Metrics in Selected Mobile Network Measurement Campaign
Honey Breath: An Ambush Tactic Against Wireless Breath Inference
RF Eye: Capturing Target Shape in One Go Using Directional Antenna without Training
How to Make Everyday Objects more Inclusive: a Case Study via Remote Participatory Design
Easing Construction of Smart Agriculture Applications Using Low Code Development Tools
Estimating the area of radio signal sources activity in a heterogeneous sensor network to improve battlefield situational awareness
UWB/IMU Fusion Localization Strategy Based on Continuity of Movement
Comparing Apples and Oranges: A Mobile User Experience Study of iOS and Android Consumer Devices
Behavioral Anomaly Detection of Older People Living Independently
Best-Practice-Based Framework for User-Centric Privacy-Preserving Solutions in Smart Home Environments
Audio Content and Crowdsourcing: A Subjective Quality Evaluation of Radio Programs Streamed Online
Forest protection as a context-aware system
Range and Capacity of LoRa 2.4 GHz
Identification of abnormal behavior in activities of daily life using novelty detection
Revealing Mental Disorders through Stylometric Features in Write-ups
LightSeg: An Online and Low-latency Activity Segmentation Method for Wi-Fi Sensing
The journey through illness of the Type 1 Diabetes caregiver, from disruption to positive coping
Does Cycling Reveal Insights about You? Investigation of User and Environmental Characteristics during Cycling
A Shallow Convolution Network Based on Contextual Attention for Human Activity Recognition
InnerEye: A Tale on Images Filtered using Instagram Filters – How Do We Interact with Them And How Can We Automatically Identify The Extent of Filtering?
R-MDP: A game theory approach for Fault-Tolerant Data and Service Management in Crude Oil Pipelines Monitoring Systems
Devising a Vibration-Based Fault Detection System for Textile Machinery
Joint Edge Resource Allocation and Path Planning for Drones with Energy Constraints
Reception of Terrestrial DAB+ and FM Radio with a Mobile Device: A Subjective Quality Evaluation
Microbenchmarking Documents in the Air
Drone Base Stations Transmission Power Control and Localization
Federated Learning-Based Interference Modeling for Vehicular Dynamic Spectrum Access
Towards Cross Domain CSI Action Recognition through One-shot Bimodal Domain Adaptation
Feature Encoding by Location-Enhanced Word2Vec Embedding for Human Activity Recognition in Smart Homes
Multi-MEC Cooperation Based VR Video Transmission and Cache using K-Shortest Paths Optimization
FedGroup: A Federated Learning Approach for Anomaly Detection in IoT Environments
Anonymous yet Alike: a Privacy-Preserving DeepProfile Clustering for Mobile Usage Patterns
A Study of Extensive LoRaWAN Downlink Communication in a Mobility Scenario
An Interactive Visualization System for Streaming Data Online Exploration