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Accepted papers

Main Track

Dynamic Taxi Ride-Sharing through Adaptive Request Propagation using Regional Taxi Demand and Supply Yu, Haoxiang (The University of Texas at Austin); Raychoudhury, Vaskar (Miami University); Saha, Snehanshu (BITS Pilani Goa Campus)
Comparative Analysis of High- and Low-Performing Factory Workers with Attention-based Neural Networks Xia, Qingxin (Osaka University); Wada, Atsushi (Toshiba Corporation); Yoshii, Takanori (Toshiba Corporation); Namioka, Yasuo (Toshiba Corporation); Maekawa, Takuya (Osaka University)
Teledrive: A Multi-master Hybrid Mobile Telerobotics System with Federated Avatar Control Bhattacharyya, Abhijan (TCS); Sau, Ashis (TCS); Ganguly, Madhurima (TCS)
Longitudinal Compliance Analysis of Android Applications with Privacy Policies Hashmi, Saad Sajid (Macquarie University); Waheed, Nazar (UTS); Tangari, Gioacchino (Macquarie University); Ikram, Muhammad (Macquarie University); Smith, Stephen (Macquarie University)
Exploring the challenges of using food journaling apps: A case-study with young adults Karnavat, Tejal (BITS Pilani Goa Campus); Singh Bhatia, Jaskaran (BITS Pilani Goa Campus); Ghosh, Surjya (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, The Netherlands); Sen, Sougata (BITS Pilani, Goa)
Fine-grained Respiration Monitoring During Overnight Sleep Using IR-UWB Radar Li, Siheng (Chinese Academy of Sciences & University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China); Zhang, Fusang (Chinese Academy of Sciences & University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China); Wang, Zhi (Chinese Academy of Sciences & University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China); Jin, Beihong (Chinese Academy of Sciences & University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Is this IoT Device Likely to be Secure? Risk Score Prediction for IoT Devices Using Gradient Boosting Machines Rivera A., Carlos A. (The University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia); Shaghaghi, Arash (RMIT University, Australia.); Nguyen, David D. (The University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia); Kanhere, Salil (The University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia)
A Localization Method Using Reflected Luminance Distribution Yamashita, Yoshihiro (Hokkaido University); Shimada, Shota (Hokkaido University); Hashizume, Hiromichi (National Institute of Informatics); Watanabe, Hiroki (Hokkaido University); Sugimoto, Masanori (Hokkaido University)
A Route Guidance Method for Vehicles to Improve Driver ’s Experienced Delay against Traffic Congestion Matsui, Yusuke (Wakayama University); Yoshihiro, Takuya (Wakayama University, Japan)
Optimizing Unlicensed Coexistence Network Performance Through Data Learning Kala, Srikant Manas (Osaka University); Sathya, Vanlin (University of Chicago); Dahiya, Kunal (IIT Delhi); Higashino, Teruo (Osaka University); Yamaguchi, Hirozumi (Osaka University)
Design of Room Layout Estimator Using Smart Speaker Joya, Tomoki (Kyushu University); Ishida, Shigemi (Future University Hakodate); Mitsukude, Yudai (Kyushu University); Arakawa, Yutaka (Kyushu University)
Body Part Detection from Neonatal Thermal Images Using Deep Learning Beppu, Fumika (Osaka University); Yoshikawa, Hiroki (Osaka University); Uchiyama, Akira (Osaka University); Higashino, Teruo (Osaka University); Hamada, Keisuke (Nagasaki Harbor Medical Center / Nagasaki University); Hirakawa, Eiji (Kagoshima City Hospital)
Expanding the Positioning Area for Acoustic Localization Using COTS Mobile Devices Suzaki, Takumi (Hokkaido University); Nakamura, Masanari (Hokkaido University); Murakami, Hiroaki (The University of Tokyo); Watanabe, Hiroki (Hokkaido University); Hashizume, Hiromichi (National Institute of Informatics); Sugimoto, Masanori (Hokkaido University)
Q-Learning-Based Spatial Reuse Method Considering Throughput Fairness by Negative Reward for High Throughput Takematsu, Mirai (Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University); Sakai, Shota (Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University); Kunibe, Masashi (Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University); Shigeno, Hiroshi (Keio University)
Design Validation of a Workplace Stress Management Mobile App for Health Care Workers During COVID-19 and Beyond Chaudhry, Beenish Moalla (University of Louisiana at Lafayette); Islam, Ashraful (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
SEMEO: A Semantic Equivalence Analysis Framework for Obfuscated Android Applications Hu, Zhen (Univerisity of Nebraska-Lincoln); Silva, Bruno Vieira Resende E (University of Nebraska-Linco.n); Bagheri, Hamid (University of Nebraska-Lincoln); Srisa-an, Witawas (University of Nebraska-Lincoln); Rothermel, Gregg (North Carolina State University); Dinh, Jackson (University of Nebraska – Lincoln)
System Architecture for Autonomous Drone-based Remote Sensing Koutsoubelias, Manos (University of Thessaly); Polychronis, Giorgos (University of Thessaly); Grigoropoulos, Nasos (University of Thessaly); Badakis, Giannis (University of Thessaly); Lalis, Spyros (University of Thessaly)
User-Centric Privacy-Preserving Approach to Control the Data Collection, Storage and Disclosure in Own Smart Home Environments Wickramasinghe, Chathurangi (Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen); Reinhardt, Delphine (Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen)
ReHAna: An Efficient Program Analysis Framework To Uncover Reflective Code in Android Bachala, Shakthi (University of Nebraska – Lincoln); Tsutano, Yutaka (University of Nebraska – Lincoln); Srisa-an, Witawas (University of Nebraska – Lincoln); Rothermel, Gregg (North Carolina State University); Dinh, Jackson (University of Nebraska – Lincoln); Hu, Yuanjiu (University of Nebraska – Lincoln)
The MARBLE dataset: Multi-Inhabitant Activities of Daily Living combining Wearable and Environmental Sensors Data Arrotta, Luca (University of Milan); Bettini, Claudio (University of Milan); Civitarese, Gabriele (University of Milan)
Event Detection and Event-Relevant Tweet Extraction with Human Mobility Takeda, Naoto (KDDI Research, Inc.); Kamisaka, Daisuke (KDDI Research, Inc.); Legaspi, Roberto (KDDI Research, Inc.); Mishima, Yutaro (KDDI Research, Inc.); Minamikawa, Atsunori (KDDI Research, Inc.)
Generalizing Wireless Ad Hoc Routing for Future Edge Applications Rosa, Andre (NOVA LINCS & DI-FCT-UNL); Costa, Pedro (NOVA LINCS & DI FCT Nova University of Lisbon); Leitao, Joao (NOVA LINCS & DI – FCT – UNL)
Is adding more modalities better in a multimodal spatio-temporal prediction scenario? A case study on Japan Air Quality Mishima, Yutaro (KDDI Research, Inc.); Habault, Guillaume (KDDI Research, Inc.); Wada, Shinya (KDDI Research, Inc.)
One-Shot Wayfinding Method for Blind People via OCR and Arrow Analysis with a 360-degree Smartphone Camera Yamanaka, Yutaro (Keio University); Kayukawa, Seita (Waseda University); Takagi, Hironobu (IBM Research); Nagaoka, Yuichi (Tokyo Independent Living Support Center for the Visually Impaired); Hiratsuka, Yoshimune (Juntendo University School of Medicine); Kurihara, Satoshi (Keio University)
WiFi-based Multi-task Sensing Zhang, Xie (Sun Yat-sen University); Tang, Chengpei (Sun Yat-sen University); An, Yasong (Sun Yat-sen University); Yin, Kang (Sun Yat-sen University)

Late Track

Adaptive Replica Selection in Mobile Edge Environments Dias, Joao (NOVA LINCS, DI, FCT, UNL); Silva, Joao A. (NOVA LINCS – Universidade NOVA de Lisboa); Paulino, Herve (NOVA LINCS – Universidade Nova de Lisboa)


A multimodal approach to synthetic personal data generation with mixed modelling: Bayesian networks, GAN’s and classification models Deeva, Irina (ITMO University); Mossyayev, Andrey (ITMO University); Kalyuzhnaya, Anna (ITMO University)
Biometric Cryptosystem Based on Smile Video Data from Trained Autoencoder and Concatenated Reed Solomon and Linear Codes Assanovich, Boris (YK Sate University of Grodno)
Brain Activity Analysis of Stressed and Control Groups in Response to High Arousal Images Batool, Wardah (University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila, Pakistan); Umar Saeed, Sanay Muhammad (University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, Pakistan); Majid, Muhammad (University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila, Pakistan)
COVID-DeepNet: Deep Convolutional Neural Network Architecture designed for Early Prognosis of COVID-19 using Post-Anterior View of Chest X-Rays Ghosh, Debanjan (IEM Kolkata, West Bengal, India); Khan, Farhan (IEM Kolkata, West Bengal, India); Banerjee, Anish (IEM Kolkata, West Bengal, India); Sarkar, Soumyadip (IEM Kolkata, West Bengal, India); Saha, Debojyoti (IEM Kolkata, West Bengal, India); Gangopadayaya, Malay (IEM Kolkata, West Bengal, India)
Evaluation of HR SpO2 and RR Elicited by Reflective Photoplethysmography in Relation to Motion Vectors Ramifications Gialelis, John (Industrial Systems Institute / ATHENA RC); Krizea, Maria (Industrial Systems Institute/ATHENA RC); Kladas, Anastasios (Industria Systems Institute / Athena RC); Protopsaltis, Grigoris (University of Patras); Theodorou, Gerasimos (Industrial Systems Institute / ATHENA RC)
MeAct: A non-obstructive persuasive end-to-end platform for active and healthy ageing support Gialelis, John (Industrial Systems Institute / ATHENA RC); Tsakanikas, Vassilis (University of Peloponnese); Tsafas, Nikos (Industrial Systems Institute / ATHENA RC); Stergiou, kostas (Ergologic S.A.); Triantafyllou, Vassilis (University of Peloponnese)
Premises based Smart Door Chains System using IoT Cloud Hannan, Abdul (university of management and technology); Hussain, Faisal (Al-Khwarizmi Institute of Computer Science (KICS), University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Lahore, Pakistan); Cheema, Sehrish Munawar (University of Management and Technology, Sialkot, Pakistan); Pires, Ivan Miguel (Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilha, Portugal)
Support of Motor Skills in the Age Friendly Built Environment Kotradyova, Veronika (Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Architecture and Design, BCDlab); SimkovA, Maria (Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Architecture and Design)
WatchID: Wearable Device Authentication via Reprogrammable Vibration Cheng, Jerry Q. (New York Institute of Technology); Wang, Zixiao (New York Institute of Technology); Wang, Yan (Temple University); Zhao, Tianming (Temple University); Wan, Hao (New York Institute of Technology); Xie, Eric (Princeton High School (Princeton, NJ))


Design and Implementation of an Online and Cost-Effective Attendance Management System Using Smartphones and Cloud Services Khan, Fahim (The University of Tokyo); Yamazaki, Taisei (Toyo University); Sakamura, Ken (The University of Tokyo)
Daily Health Condition Estimation using a Smart Toothbrush with Halitosis Sensor Yoshimura, Satoshi (Osaka University); Mizumoto, Teruhiro (Osaka University); Matsuda, Yuki (Nara Institute of Science and Technology); Ueda, Keita (NOVENINE, Inc.); Takeyama, Akira (NOVENINE, Inc.)
Caring Without Sharing: A Federated LearningCrowdsensing Framework for DiversifyingRepresentation of Cities Mashhadi, Afra (University of Washington)
Analysis of the Effects of Cognitive Stress on the Reliability of Participatory Sensing Yoshikawa, Rio (Nara Institute of Science and Technology); Matsuda, Yuki (Nara Institute of Science and Technology); Oyama, Kohei (Nara Institute of Science and Technology); Suwa, Hirohiko (Nara Institute of Science and Technology); Yasumoto, Keiichi (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
Blockchain-enabled Vehicle-to-Vehicle Energy Trading in the Internet of Electric Vehicles: Multi-leaders and Multi-followers Stackelberg Game Approach Abegaz, Mohammed Seid (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China); Hayla, Nahom (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China); Alem, Tewodros (UESTC); Yacob, Habtamu (UESTC)
AR-T: Temporal Relation Embedded Transformer for the Real World Activity Recognition Kim, Hyunju (KAIST); Lee, Dongman (KAIST)

MUSICAL2021 Fall

Evaluating Multiple-Access Protocols: Asynchronous Pulse Coding vs.~Carrier-Sense with Collision Avoidance Leibnitz, Kenji (NICT); Peper, Ferdinand (NICT); Theofilis, Konstantinos (NICT); Hasegawa, Mikio (Tokyo University of Science); Wakamiya, Naoki (Osaka University)
A Privacy-aware Extension to Track User Search Behavior for Programming Course Supplement Makhlouf, Jihed (Osaka Prefecture University); Arakawa, Yutaka (Kyushu University)
Collision-free Channel Assignment with Overlapped Channels in Multi-radio Multi-channel Wireless Mesh Networks Tian, Yi (wakayama university); Yoshihiro, Takuya (Wakayama University, Japan)
A Method for Expressing Intention for Suppressing Careless Responses in Participatory Sensing Oyama, Kohei (Nara Institute of Science and Technology); Matsuda, Yuki (Nara Institute of Science and Technology); Yoshikawa, Rio (Nara Institute of Science and Technology); Nakamura, Yugo (Kyushu University); Suwa, Hirohiko (Nara Institute of Science and Technology); Yasumoto, Keiichi (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
The evaluation of the angled antenna based direction estimation scheme for RFID tags Mizuno, Kota (Aichi Institute of Technology); Naito, Katsuhiro (Aichi Institute of Technology); Ehara, Masaki (AIM Japan)
Quality Analysis of Audio-Video Transmission in an OFDM-based Communication System Zamlynska, Monik (General Tadeusz Kosciuszko Military University of Land Forces); Debita, Grzegorz (General Tadeusz Kosciuszko Military University of Land Forces); Falkowski-Gilski, Przemyslaw (Gdansk University of Technology)
Building a Crowdsensing Platform Based on Spatio-temporal Fencing Miyagawa, Nobuhito (Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan); Tsuchimoto, Ryoga (Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan); Suzaki, Shota (Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan); Kaji, Katsuhiko (Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan)
Coordinated Multi-UAV Adaptive Exploration under Recurrent Connectivity Constraints Su, Yaqianwen (Artificial Intelligence Research Center, Defense Innovation Institute, China); Shi, Dianxi (Artificial Intelligence Research Center, Defense Innovation Institute,China;Tianjin Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center,China); Xue, Chao (Tianjin Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center,China); Xu, Jiachi (College of Computer, National University of Defense Technology, China); He, Xionghui (College of Computer, National University of Defense Technology, China)
Rate Control for Multi-link and Multi-Relay Wireless LANs Supporting Real-time Mobile Data Transmissions Ikeda, Kazuki (Kansai University); Omoto, Shohei (ATR Adaptive Communications Research Laboratories); Yomo, Hiroyuki (Kansai University); Kondo, Yoshihisa (ATR Adaptive Communications Research Laboratories); Yokoyama, Hiroyuki (ATR Adaptive Communications Research Laboratories)


Synthetic People Flow: Privacy-Preserving Mobility Modeling from Large-Scale Location Data in Urban Areas Tamura, Naoki (Nagoya University); Urano, Kenta (Nagoya University); Aoki, Shunsuke (National Institute of Informatics); Yonezawa, Takuro (Nagoya University); Kawaguchi, Nobuo (Nagoya University)
An Empirical Study on News Recommendation in Multiple Domain Settings haruta, shuichiro (kddi research, inc.); Kurokawa, Mori (KDDI Research, Inc.)
A Study on Metrics for Concept Drift Detection based on Predictions and Parameters of Ensemble Model Yonekawa, Kei (KDDI Research, Inc.); haruta, shuichiro (kddi research, inc.); Konishi, Tatsuya (KDDI Research, Inc.); Saito, Kazuhiro (KDDI Research, Inc.); Asoh, Hideki (KDDI Research, Inc.); Kurokawa, Mori (KDDI Research, Inc.)
Concept Drift Detection with Denoising Autoencoder in Incomplete Data Yonekawa, Kei (KDDI Research, Inc.); Murao, Jun (Osaka University); Kurokawa, Mori (KDDI Research, Inc.); Amagata, Daichi (Osaka University); Maekawa, Takuya (Osaka University); Hara, Takahiro (Osaka University)
Event-Driven Interest Detection for Task-Oriented Mobile Apps Carvalho Ota, Fernando Kaway (University of Luxembourg); Damoun, Farouk (University of Luxembourg); Lagraa, Sofiane (University of Luxembourg); Becerra-Sanchez, Patricia (University of Luxembourg); Atten, Christophe (University of Luxembourg); Hilger, Jean (University of Luxembourg); State, Radu (University of Luxembourg)

Poster and Demo track

Designing a Smartphone-Based Assistance System for Blind People to Recognize Intersections and Obstacles in Indoor Corridors Kuribayashi, Masaki (Waseda University); Kayukawa, Seita (Waseda University); Vongkulbhisal, Jayakorn (IBM Research); Asakawa, Chieko (IBM Research); Sato, Daisuke (Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University); Takagi, Hironobu (IBM Research); Morishima, Shigeo (Waseda Research Institute for Science and Engineering)
Design and Implementation of a Finger Sack with an Electrode Array to Generate Multi-touch Okamoto, Marina (Ritsumeikan University); Murao, Kazuya (Ritsumeikan University)
A Method for Estimating Actual Swimming Distance using an Accelerometer and Gyroscope Watanabe, Daisuke (Ritsumeikan University); Murao, Kazuya (Ritsumeikan University)
A Method for Identifying Individuals Entering a Bathtub using a Water Pressure Sensor Kurata, Naoki (Ritsumeikan Univercity/ Intelligent Interactive System Laboratory); Murao, Kazuya (Ritsumeikan University)

Short paper track

Human Localization Using a Single Camera Towards Social Distance Monitoring During Sports Hasegawa, Ryosuke (Osaka University); Uchiyama, Akira (Osaka University); Okura, Fumio (Osaka University); Muramatsu, Daigo (Seikei University); Ogasawara, Issei (Osaka University); Takahata, Hiromi (Osaka University); Nakata, Ken (Osaka University); Higashino, Teruo (Osaka University)
Vehicle routing for incremental collection of disaster information along streets Maki, Yuga (Kyushu Institute of Technology); Wu, Wenju (Kyushu Institute of Technology); Shibata, Masahiro (Kyushu Institute of Technology); Tsuru, Masato (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Smartwatch-based Face-touch Prediction Using Deep Representational Learning Amano, Tatsuya (Osaka University); Rizk, Hamada (Osaka University); Yamaguchi, Hirozumi (Osaka University); Youssef, Moustafa (Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt)
Radar-Based Gesture Recognition Towards Supporting Communication in Aphasia: The Bedroom Scenario Santana, Luis (DETI, IEETA, Universidade de Aveiro); Rocha, Ana Patri­cia (DETI, IEETA, Universidade de Aveiro); Guimaraes, Afonso (DEIT, IEETA, Universidade de Aveiro); Oliveira, Ilidio (University of Aveiro); Fernandes, Jose Maria (IEETA / DETI – University of Aveiro); Silva, Samuel (DETI, IEETA, Universidade de Aveiro); Teixeira, Antonio (Universidade de Aveiro)
Wi-Fi CSI-based Activity Recognition with Adaptive Sampling Rate Selection Tanno, Yuka (Osaka University); Maekawa, Takuya (Osaka University); Hara, Takahiro (Osaka University)
Internet of Robot Things in a dynamic environment: Narrative-based knowledge representation and reasoning LYAZID, SABRI (LISSI – The Laboratory of Images, Signals and Intelligent Systems, University Paris-Est, Vitry-sur-Seine, France , Maths and Informatics Faculty, University Mohamed El Bachir Ibrahimi, Bordj Bou Arreridj, Algeria)
Air Handling Unit Explainability using Contextual Importance and Contextual Utility Malhi, Avleen (Bournemouth University); Madhikermi, Manik (Aalto University); Huotari, Matti (Aalto University); Framling, Kary (Umea University)