Accepted papers

Main Track

A Anti-attack Trust Evaluation Method for Node Behavior in Edge Computing Scenarios Wang, jingpei (Zhejiang University)
A Bilateral Recommendation Strategy for Mobile Event-Based Social Networks Zhang, Yu (University of Muenster); Gorlatch, Sergei (University of Munster, Germany)
A Fair Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Distributed Dynamic Spectrum Access Jalil, Syed Qaisar (The university of Newcastle, Australia); Rehmani, Mubashir Husain (Lip6/UPMC); Chalup, Stephan (1 The University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia)
A Flock-of-Starling Optimization Algorithm with Reinforcement Learning Capability Xie, Rong (School of Computer Science, Wuhan University, China)
AI-Fairness Towards Activity Recognition of Older Adults Alam, Mohammad Arif Ul (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
An Empirical Analysis of the Progress in Wireless Communication Generations Luo, Kevin (Kobe University); Dang, Shuping (KAUST); Zhang, Chuanting (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology); Shihada, Basem (KAUST); Alouini, Mohamed-Slim (KAUST)
AutoCogniSys: IoT Assisted Context-Aware Automatic Cognitive Health Assessment Alam, Mohammad Arif Ul (University of Massachusetts Lowell); Roy, Nirmalya (University of Maryland Baltimore County); Holmes, Sarah (University of Maryland Baltimore); Gangopadhyay, Aryya (University of Maryland Baltimore County); Galik, Elizabeth (University of Maryland Baltimore)
Deep Reinforcement Learning for UAV-Assisted Emergency Response Lee, Isabella (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Babu, Vignesh (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Caesar, Matthew (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Nicol, David (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
dFDA-VeD: A Dynamic Future Demand Aware Vehicle Dispatching System guo, yang (Macquarie University); Anwar, Tarique (Macquarie University); yang, jian (macquarie University); Wu, Jia (Macquarie University, Australia)
Efficient discovery of emerging patterns in heterogeneous spatiotemporal data from mobile sensors Neves, Francisco (INESC-ID and Instituto Superior Tecnico, Universidade de Lisboa); Finamore, Anna Carolina (INESC-ID and Instituto Superior Tecnico, Universidade de Lisboa); Henriques, Rui (INESC-ID and Instituto Superior Tecnico, Universidade de Lisboa)
Elastic Composition of Crowdsourced IoT Energy Services Lakhdari, Abdallah (The university of Sydney); Bouguettaya, Athman (The University of Sydney); Mistry, Sajib (Curtin university); Ghari Neiat, Azadeh (Deakin University); Suleiman, Basem (The university of Sydney)
Exploiting SWIPT for IoT NOMA-based Diamond Relay Networks Rauniyar, Ashish (University of Oslo, Norway); Engelstad, Paal (University of Oslo, Norway); Osterbo, Olav N. (Telenor Research, Norway)
Feature Recommendation by Mining Updates and User Feedback from Competitor Apps UDDIN, MD KAFIL (Swinburne University of Technology)
Finger Air Writing – Movement Reconstruction with Low-cost IMU Sensor Younas, Junaid (DFKI & TU Kaiserslautern); Margarito, Hector (Technical University Kaiserslautern); Bian, Shizen (German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence); Lukowicz, Paul (DFKI & TU Kaiserslautern)
Formation-based Selection of Drone Swarm Services Alkouz, Balsam (The University of Sydney); Bouguettaya, Athman (The University of Sydney)
Generation of Realistic Activity Scenarios for SUMO Carlsen, Falke B. A. (Aalborg University); Rasmussen, Jacob J. (Aalborg University); Sørensen, Mathias M. (Aalborg University); Jensen, Nicolaj A. (Aalborg University); Albano, Michele (Aalborg University)
IAM – Interpolation and Aggregation on the Move: Collaborative Crowdsensing for Spatio-temporal Phenomena Du, Yifan (Inria Paris); Sailhan, Francoise (CNAM Paris); Issarny, Valerie (Inria Paris)
InsideOut: Model to Predict Outside CO Concentrations from Mobile CO Dosimeter Measurements Inside Vehicles Devarakonda, Srinivas (Rutgers University); Chittaranjan, Senthil M (other); Kwak, Daehan (Kean University); Nath, Badri (Rutgers University)
Kairos: a self-configuring approach for short and accurate event timeouts in IoT Peros, Stefanos (KU Leuven); Aras, Emekcan (KU Leuven); Joosen, Wouter (DistriNet-IBBT – KULeuven); Hughes, Danny (KU Leuven)
k-Anonymous Crowd Flow Analytics Stanciu, Valeriu – Daniel (University of Twente); van Steen, Maarten (University of Twente); Dobre, Ciprian (University Politehnica of Bucharest); Peter, Andreas (University of Twente)
LAMAR: Lidar based Adaptive Multi-inhabitant Activity Recognition Alam, Mohammad Arif Ul (University of Massachusetts Lowell); Mazzoni, Fernando (University of Massachusetts Lowell); Rahman, Md Mahmudur (University of Massachusetts Lowell); Widberg, Jared (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
Learned Taxi Fare for real-life trip trajectories via Temporal ResNet Exploration Elmi, Sayda (National University of Singapore); Tan, Kian-Lee (National University of Singapore)
Let’s Forget About Exact Signal Strength: Indoor Positioning based on Access Point Ranking and Recurrent Neural Networks Saccomanno, Nicola (University of Udine); Brunello, Andrea (University of Udine); Montanari, Angelo (University of Udine)
MIRES: Recovering Mobile Applications based on Backend-as-a-Service from Cyber Attacks Vaz, Diogo (INESC-ID / IST); Matos, David (INESC-ID / IST); Pardal, Miguel (INESC-ID / IST); Correia, Miguel (INESC-ID / IST)
MobDL: A Framework for Profiling Deep Learning Models: A case study using Mobile Digital Health Applications Forkan, Abdur Rahim Mohammad (Swinburne University of Technology); Jayaraman, Prem Prakash (Swinburne University of Technology); Kaul, Rohit (Swinburne University of Technology); Zhang, Yuxin (Monash University); McCarthy, Chris (Swinburne University of Technology); Haghighi, Pari Delir (Monash University); Ranjan, Rajiv (Newcastle University, UK)
Modeling and Scheduling Tasks in Multi-constrained IoT Environment Nguyen, Thang (Hanoi University of Science and Technology); Doan, Khiem (Hanoi University of Science and Technology); Nguyen, Minh Binh (Hanoi University of Science and Technology)
Movement and Orientation Visualization using Wearable Inertial Sensors Mondol, Md Abu Sayeed (University of Virginia); Stankovic, John (University of Virginia)
Multi-Agent DRL Based Computation Offloading and Resource Allocation in UAV enabled IoT edge Network Seid, Mohammed (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
My House, My Rules: A Private-by-Design Smart Home Platform Zavalyshyn, Igor (UCLouvain); Santos, Nuno (INESC-ID); Sadre, Ramin (UCLouvain); Legay, Axel (UCLouvain)
Optimization of rechargeable battery lifespan in wireless networking protocols Mabed, Hakim (UBFC / FEMTO-ST); Batta, Mohamed Sofiane (UBFC/FEMTO-ST); Aliouat, Zibouda (LRSD Laboratory, Setif-1 University)
Performance Analysis of D2D-enabled Non-orthogonal Multiple Access in Cooperative Relaying System Cheng, Qian (University of Chinese Academy Science); Wang, Dan (University of Chinese Academy Science); Li, Xiaona (Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences); Zhang, Xiaohui (Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences); Zhang, Shunliang (Institute of Information Engineering.CAS)
Positioning with Map Matching using Deep Neural Networks Bergkvist, Hannes (Sony); Davidsson, Paul (Malmo University); Exner, Peter (Sony)
Quantifying Privacy Leakage in Graph Embedding Duddu, Vasisht (INSA Lyon, CITI, Inria); Boutet, Antoine (INSA Lyon, CITI, Inria); Shejwalkar, Virat (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
RedMesh: A WiFi-Direct Network Formation Algorithm for Large-Scale Scenarios Teofilo, Antonio (ISEL РInstituto Polit̩cnico de Lisboa); Lourenco, Joao M. (NOVA LINCS РNOVA University Lisbon); Paulino, Herve (NOVA LINCS РNOVA University Lisbon)
Reliability Model for Incentive-Driven IoT Energy Services Abusafia, Amani (The University of Sydney); Bouguettaya, Athman (The University of Sydney)
Resource-aware log monitoring data transmission for Smart and IoT devices Szydlo, Tomasz (AGH-UST); Zielinski, Krzysztof (AGH-UST); Jarzab, Marcin (Samsung Research Poland)
SBRL: Source Based QoS Routing via Reinforcement Learning in SDVN Nahar, Ankur (Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Jodhpur, India.); Das, Debasis (Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.); Vishwakarma, Lokendra (Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur)
Security Awareness of End-Users of Mobile Health Applications: An Empirical Study Aljedaani, Bakheet (The University of Adelaide); Ahmad, Aakash (College of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Ha’il, Saudi Arabia); Zahedi, Mansooreh (The University of Adelaide); Babar, M. Ali (The University of Adelaide)
Speed Prediction on Real-life Traffic Data: Deep StackedResidual Neural Network and Bidirectional LSTM Elmi, Sayda (National University of Singapore)
SpiderHand: Supporting Arachnophobia Therapy Using Motion-Controlled Robotic Manipulator Dominiak, Julia (Institute of Applied Computer Science, Lodz University of Technology, Poland); Wozniak, Mikolaj P. (Institute of Applied Computer Science, Lodz University of Technology, Poland); Romanowski, Andrzej (Institute of Applied Computer Science, Lodz University of Technology, Poland); Chaniecki, Zbigniew (Institute of Applied Computer Science, Lodz University of Technology, Poland); Grudzien, Krzysztof (Institute of Applied Computer Science, Lodz University of Technology, Poland)
State Deployment in Fog Computing Lima, Diogo (University of Lisbon); Miranda, Hugo (Universidade de Lisboa)
TinnituSense: a Mobile Electroencephalography (EEG) Smartphone App for Tinnitus Research Mehdi, Muntazir (Institute of Distributed Systems, Ulm University); Diemer, Florian (Institute of Distributed Systems, Ulm University); Hennig, Lukas (Institute of Distributed Systems, Ulm University); Dode, Albi (Institute of Databases and Information Systems, Ulm University); Pryss, Ruediger (Institute of Clinical Epidemiology and Biometry, University of Wuerzburg); Schlee, Winfried (Clinic and Policlinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Regensburg, Germany); Reichert, Manfred (Institute of Databases and Information Systems, Ulm University); Hauck, Franz J. (Institute of Distributed Systems, Ulm University)
Towards a Machine Learning-driven Trust Evaluation Model for Social Internet of Things: A Time-aware Approach Sagar, Subhash (Macquarie University); Mahmood, Adnan (Telecommunications Software & Systems Group, Waterford Institute of Technology, Republic of Ireland); Sheng, Michael (Macquarie University); Zaib, Munazza (Macquarie University, Sydney); Zhang, Wei Emma (The University of Adelaide, Adelaide)
Towards Bike Type and E-Scooter Classification With Smartphone Sensors Using Deep Learning Neural Networks Matkovic, Viktor (University of Duisburg-Essen); Waltereit, Marian (University of Duisburg-Essen); Zdankin, Peter (University of Duisburg-Essen); Weis, Torben (University of Duisburg-Essen)
Towards Enhancing Fault Tolerance in Neural Networks Duddu, Vasisht (IIIT Delhi); Rao, D Vijay (Institute for Systems Studies and Analyses, Delhi, India); Balas, Valentine E. (Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Arad, Romania)
Ubi-Interact Weber, Sandro (Technical University Munich); Dyrda, Daniel (Technical University Munich); Ludwig, Marian (Technical University Munich); Klinker, Gudrun (Technical University Munich)
Visually-defined Real-Time Orchestration of IoT Systems Silva, Margarida (Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto); Dias, Joao (Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto); Restivo, Andre (Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto); Ferreira, Hugo Sereno (Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto)
VR Book: A Tangible Interface for Smartphone-based Virtual Reality Cardoso, Jorge C. S. (University of Coimbra, CISUC, DEI); Ribeiro, Jorge M. (University of Coimbra, DEI)
Watching the Watchers: Resource-Efficient Mobile Video Decoding through Context-Aware Resolution Adaptation Machidon, Octavian (University of Ljubljana); Fajfar, Tine (University of Ljubljana); Pejovic, Veljko (University of Ljubljana)