Accepted papers

{P}Net: Privacy-preserving Personalization of AI-based Models by Anonymous Inter-person Similarity Networks
A cost-effective and non-invasive system for sleep and vital signs monitoring using passive RFID tags
A Deep Spatio-temporal Attention-based Neural Network for Passenger Flow Prediction
A Generalized Mechanism beyond NLP for Real-Time Detection of Cyber Abuse through Facial Expression Analytics
A Hybrid Model of a Collaborative Crime Information System
A scheme for Anomalous RFID Trajectory Detection based on Improved Clustering Algorithm under Digital-Twin-Driven
A Social-Relation-Based Game Model for Distributed Clustering in Cooperative Wireless Networks
A Trust Architecture for Blockchain in IoT
Adaptive Robotic Rehabilitation using Muscle Fatigue as a Trigger
AiRite: Towards Accurate & Infrastructure-Free 3-D Tracking of Mobile Devices Using Commercial-Grade IMU
An Augmented Real-world Interactive Classroom for Developing Learning Numbers and Counting Skills for Preschool Children
An efficient real-time data reduction strategy based on edge computing for IIoT
An Intelligent Optimization Method for Information Recommendation
AugToAct: Scaling Complex Human Activity Recognition with Few Labels
DeepFit: Deep Learning based Fitness Center Equipment Use Modeling and Prediction
DeepLoc: Deep Neural Network-based Telco Outdoor Location Recovery
Detecting Malicious Applications using System Services Request Behavior
Distances for WiFi Based Topological Indoor Mapping
Efficient Content Caching for Named Data Network Nodes
Examining the Energy Impact of Sorting Algorithms on Android: An Empirical Study
FitAssist: Virtual Fitness Assistant Based on WiFi
Fuzzy Clustering-Based Task Allocation Approach Using Bipartite Graph in Cloud-Fog Environment
HEliOS: Huffman Coding Based Lightweight Encryption Scheme for Data Transmission
How Smart Your Smartphone Is in Lie Detection?
Impact of consensus on appendable-block blockchain for IoT
Indoor localization based on subcarrier parameter estimation of LoS with Wi-Fi
Jive: Spatially-Constrained Encryption Key Sharing using Visible Light Communication
Learning Trajectories as Words: A Probabilistic Generative Model for Destination Prediction
MFE-HAR: Multiscale Feature Engineering for Human Activity Recognition Using Wearable Sensors
MicPrint: Acoustic Sensor Fingerprinting for Spoof-Resistant Mobile Device Authentication
MMLOC: Multi-Mode Indoor Localization System Based on Smart Access Points
Mobile Augmented Reality Techniques for Emergency Response
Multi-Destination Vehicular Route Planning with Parking and Traffic Constraints
MultiLock: Face based graded authentication for mobile devices
NextAct: A Hybrid Approach for High-resolution Human Activity Predictions
On Optimization of Ad-blocking Lists for Mobile Devices
Participatory Location Fingerprinting through Stationary Crowd in a Public or Commercial Indoor Environment
PatientSense: Patient Discrimination from In-Bottle Sensors Data
PerFlow: Configuring the Information Flow in a Pervasive Middleware via Visual Scripting
Performance Evaluation of Industrial Internet of Things Services in Devices of Cloud-Fog-Dew-Things Computing
PPCA: Privacy-Preserving Conditional Actions for IoT Environments Using Smart Contracts
Pushing Smart Caching to the Edge with BayCache
Quantifying Location Privacy in Permissioned Blockchain-Based Internet of Things (IoT)
Regression-based Network Monitoring in Swarm Robotic Systems
RF-RVM: Continuous Respiratory Volume Monitoring With COTS RFID Tags
Saving Private Addresses: An Analysis of  Privacy Issues in the Bluetooth-Low-Energy Advertising Mechanism
SCARF: A Scalable Data Management Framework for Context Aware Applications in Smart Environments
Simulation of a big number of microservices in a highly distributed vast network.
Smart Discovery of Periodic-Frequent Human Routines for Home Automation
Smart Wearable: Let Us Think of Wearable Technology from a New Perspective
Starling Swarm Algorithm: An Approach to Autonomous Coordination of Intensive Agents
The Impression of Virtual Experience: Mobile Augmented Reality Cloud Solution
Time-Aware Reactive Storage in Wireless Edge Environments
TrajCNN: Deep Map Inference from GPS Trajectories
Understanding the Impact of Number of CPU Cores on User Satisfaction in Smartphones
User-Connection Behaviour Analysis in Service Management Using Bipartite Labelled Property Graph
WiLay: Building Wi-Fi-Based Human Activity Recognition System through Activity Hierarchical Relationship
YanuX – Pervasive Distribution of the User Interface by Co-located Devices